The Eco-friendly consumers

The Eco-friendly consumers

From Plastic pollution to Global warming and Climate change, Environmental issues are on a continuous rise since the industrial revolution period. People were, however, largely ignorant to this deterioration of environmental health for centuries.

However, through Media and Government efforts, people of today are increasingly becoming aware of deterioration of environmental health and steps needed to be taken to save the Planet.


When people become aware of something, it get reflected in their behavior. Similarly, environmental awareness of people is clearly reflected in their consumption behavior, which inturn calls for appropriate response from both firms as well as from Marketers.

Green consumerism chart


The Changing Market

According to a report, about 81% of consumers in the world are looking for environmentally sustainable products and services.

The preference of people towards paper products instead of plastic, increasing demand for electric vehicles , choosing goods based on “green” certifications etc,are some of the changes in consumer behavior that is clearly seen in market.

The following chart clearly captures the rise of green consumerism.


Responding to Market change

Since companies are here to meet the consumer’s need ,they are required to respond to the changes in market by in building environmental sustainability into the core corporate values.

Corporate Management for Environmental sustainabilityGreen production for eco-friendly consumers

These values need to be reflected in both the production process as well as in the final goods or services provided.

The environmental sustainable practices of the firm then need to be highlighted through marketing platform so as to attract the environmentally conscious market.

The role of digital marketers

Since, dominant marketing platform has gone digital nowadays, Digital marketers need to play a major role in highlighting eco-friendly and environmental sustainablility practices of the firm, so as to retain the existing market and at the same time to capture the new market dominated by eco-friendly consumers.

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Digital marketing for eco-friendly consumers


Few Strategies

Some basic digital marketing strategies required to respond to eco-friendly consumers is as follows:

1.Use environmental keywords like “eco-friendly products” to increase the traffic in this changing consumer behavior.

2.Highlight commitment of firm to environmental health through meta tags.

3.Give adequate importance to Green production process of the firm in SEO contents.

4.Use display ads for highlighting Green logos and certifications received by the firm.

5.Also drive awareness campaign in social media on environmental sustainability so as to expand and capture the eco-friendly product market.

Ensuring eco-friendly production by companies has become inevitable, for both environmental health and also to retain and sustain in market, its like killing two birds in one stone!

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