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Jijo Joseph

Hi, Google & Hubspot Certified SEO Expert Marathali & Consultant in Bangalore

Jijo Joseph is a Full Time Freelance Digital Marketing Expert & Co-founder of AJ Digital Hub based in Bangaore. He Helps to start-up companies like Realestate, Tours & Travels, Education, Wellness &  IT Industries grow their revenue & brand visibility online.

Digital Marketing campaigns will increase your brand awareness & leads, improve your web traffic into your digital marketing online strategy. All of our SEO strategies begin with a Technical & On-page SEO audit and are supported with earning high-quality backlinks from targeted link building strategies in 2020. In addition to several other effective SEO techniques which include on-page optimization tactics and technical SEO optimizations with off-page. One of the best goals of our digital marketing services is to use our industry-leading SEO tools to ultimately increase your organic traffic which turns into leads so you can earn more sales.


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Freelance SEO Expert in Bangalore- Hire the best agency (Company)

If your search for an SEO expert in Bangalore landed you here without much effort, be assured – you are with the right professional who really knows how to do search engine optimization. That is the obvious reason why my website popped up in front of you.

The very first reason we met in this cyberspace is that, I established my online presence!


In fact, I made myself more visible to you by being on the top of search results.


How about translating the same story to your business?


Think of the very purpose of your website. Did you create it merely to establish an electronic presence of your brand? In this age of information, every other brand has got its electronic version, and that’s no big deal.


Now- Just like I managed to rank my website on the first page of Google, how about getting your website anotable position on the search engine? With my comprehensive SEO services in Bangalore, I have helped hundreds of businesses stand out from their competitors.


I have successfully deployed SEO tactics to make myself easily and more visible/ reachable for my clients.As said earlier, this explains why we are here, seconds after you searched for freelance SEO services in Bangalore.


Regardless of whether you are a startup or an established brand willing to scale up, we talk on the same wavelength.

SEO services in Bangalore: Bolster your online existence with the right tactics

Before we go deeper into our conversation, let me tell you one thing. As an experienced freelance SEO

expert in Bangalore, I would never promise you the first rank on Google or any other search engine in 1

month or 3 months. Now, you might be wondering, why to trust me, right? I understand, that your

bitter experiences culminated to foster this skepticism.


Well, I would tell you not to just take my words.


See for yourself.


You are on the website of the best freelance SEO expert in Bangalore, and you hadn’t known me

before. This explains the story of thousands of customers, who happen to land upon my clientele’s

websites every day without knowing them in the past. SEO is powerful, and this holds the secret to

capture your potential audience. Along with SEO, you need a strong website, and compelling content to

translate leads to conversions!


If you have read this far, you would probably like to have a look at the websites I have already ranked.

Collaborating with an SEO expert in Bangalore would bring you more and more business and for sure!



show portfolio here

Rank your website with freelance SEO services in Bangalore

When you search for something on Google, which websites do you mostly visit? Obviously, the websites

ranked on the first page draw your attention, and you seldom move on to the next page.


The same psychology works for your clients as well. When they find whatever they are looking for on the

first page, the need to move on to the subsequent pages cease. As an established freelance SEO expert

in Bangalore, I advise my clients to focus on three aspects to find a place from where they can tap their



  1. A strategic website infrastructure, which pushes crawlers to explore every element of the site.
  2. A competitive SEO strategy, which I would be tweaking from time to time
  3. Gripping content that make readers get convinced with your offerings


Of course, you being the website owner, need to discuss your plans with me. My SEO services in

Bangalore, along with website designing and content development are available in different affordable

packages; but not cheap. I operate with my inhouse team of website designers and content developers,

delivering the needful to my clients.

Hire the best SEO expert in Bangalore

Before we proceed, let me tell you that SEO is a continuous process. Along with website auditing and
competition analysis, you need to prioritize the quality of your content. You may be one of my clients
who have encountered bitter experiences while hiring freelance SEO services in Bangalore in the past. If
this has been your story, we can get the ghost buried in the past.
My SEO services in Bangalore are quantifiable, and you can accurately observe the results of my
previous campaigns. Moreover, I leave no stone unturned while working with my clients. As I have
already told you, there are certain elements apart from SEO that can affect your website’s rank. Along
with my team of professionals, I personally take care of these elements.


1. Website auditing


My first approach to clients involves a website-audit. We inspect the loading speed, site architecture,
links, quality of content and other ranking factors. Unless I am satisfied with the strength of your
website, I won’t assure you of the rank. In this case, I would recommend you the necessary tweaks. In
case you don’t have a dedicated website developer, you can entrust the job with my team.


2. Competition analysis


Offering quality freelance SEO services in Bangalore, I value competition analysis. You should know that
when we try to rank a website for a specific keyword, the overall competition in the industry
significantly influences the process. This explains why I take adequate time to identify the most effective
keywords that would fetch you a rank.


3. Onsite optimization


This is a crucial stage, where I would carry out various tweaks on the website to optimize the same. This
may include changing the URLs, integrating keywords into tags, writing effective meta descriptions,
linking the pages internally and inserting strategic keywords in the ALT tags.


4. Off-site SEO


When you hire a freelance SEO expert in Bangalore, you can expect a comprehensive service, including
off-site SEO. Search engine optimization goes beyond the online space, and you need to carry out
certain tactical off-site activities. With a perfect coordination, I would be working on your site to elicit its
best performance.
Reach now! Let’s talk.
For trustable SEO services in Bangalore and measurable results of your investment, give me a call at
your convenience. I gauge my success with my client’s satisfaction as the prime parameter. Hire me as
your SEO expert in Bangalore to leverage your online presence and zoom past your competitors. Even
amidst competition, you can grow your business at will, with the right hands working on your SEO.

SEO Expert Bangalore 

Leading SEO Expert  Bangalore  Providing High Quality, Expert Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for individuals, big & small companies, Specially for startups. Sometimes I even help companies build their content strategy, website structuring , website design, development & revamping support & data analytics drive SEO, and create their entire online information architecture.


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Free  Keyword Research ,Landing page Suggestion & Consultation


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What’s SEO Experts Important? 
We need website for developing the successful sector. But what if Search Engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo) has issues with visibility of your website?

You spend a lot of money and time to build your new website and you’re going to expect people to visit your website and purchase your product, but what if your website isn’t accessible, you won’t get traffic, of course.

Sure, the issue is general to everyone. There is a way to solve your problem, so don’t worry.


Who is Bangalore Best SEO Expert?
Jijo Joseph is leading Bangalore-based Google Certified SEO expert consistently delivering our clients with transformational growth. 
We are known for our data-driven 
ethical approach and have proven success stories
Who offers good SEO services in Bangalore?
jijo joseph is one of Bangalore ‘s best Freelance SEO Expert , where they have 
team of highly qualified SEO services who work with many satisfied customers.
Where can I find the right Provider for SEO in Bangalore ?
Until you can start choosing an SEO provider, you need to have clear in mind what to expect from the SEO. From the start, setting your goals correctly will help you determine the efficacy and ROI of the SEO investment you’ll make.
A super fast description of the workings of SEO?
SEO carries two sections. The first part is what we call on-page SEO, which has to do with the website’s layout which content and how well it is designed for search engines. The second element is the ‘ongoing SEO,’ a method that includes tracking and further optimizing the website based on a variety of variables for different keywords. 

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