Interactive content is going to rule the market in 2021.Before moving to it, let us go through some facts.
How can you ensure that the content on your website is worthy?
3 factors help to determine it

  • Clicks
  • Swipes
  • Things which get more interaction online

Even if your content is worthy,what to do if your website is not capable to grab the attention of the audience or seems to be boring for them?
Answer is simple you should make your content interactive.


Interactive content is the content in which audience actively participates instead of watching, listening or reading passively.It prompts the viewers to post,comment or respond to the content. According to survey conducted by Buffer, website with interactive content gets 94% more total views than static content.So how can we engage the audience?Have a look at these ideas.

1. Quizzes/Polls

We can easily conduct quiz/polls using simple software tools such as Google Forms, Classmarker, and Quiz Marker etc. With the help of Quiz/polls purchase intent of customer, pitfalls of our product/service etc can be determined.These kinds of interactive content is capable of taking audience to the peak of curiosity and fun.

Recently Hyundai has started a quiz in Instagram.In the quiz they ask several questions like what time of the day makes you happiest,budget ,style etc.By answering all these questions Hyundai will assess your requirements as well as personality.After that it suggests the product which suits you best.

Similarly if you are running a digital marketing training institute you can conduct a quiz. So that aspirants who wish to study digital marketing could attend this. Never forget to add some tricky questions along with moderate one.

2. 360 degree videos

Suppose a tourist wish to visit a place and would like to know how it looks like. Simply looking at pictures and videos might be boring them.But 360 degree videos make you feel that you are in that tourist spot and drive to that destination.

South African tourism used this technology and it was estimated that that there was an increase of 11.8% bookings within 11 months.To experience it in real click the link – Equinox 360-A 360 Degree Ride At Wonderla Amusement Park In Kochi

3. Shoppable posts

Instagram is considered as one of the most popular social media platform. Shoppable post is a feature of Instagram where images and videos of products are uploaded.It enables the customer to add directly to cart and will be taken to product’s page from there we can purchase it.

Visual marketing is actually implemented here.Why it is said so? Because when we see an image or watch video it attract the audience,engage them and possibility of conversion is very high.

Also shoppable posts provide opportunities for influencer marketing. Influencer marketing helps to build credibility for the brand,attract more audience and definitely we can see increase in sales. Shoppable posts are most trending among interactive content ideas.

4. Giveaway

This is the best way to generate brand awareness, increase sales etc.Here we simply choose a free prize using some random selection methods.You could offer a free consultation,ticket to an event organized by you,a free subscription etc.

Photo contests, Gift cards, Coupons, Hash tag contests etc can also be implemented.Photo contests make the audience to post their own photos .Thus it helps in making user generated content.A single photo contest is capable of generating the same result in shorter span with lower budget. Even you can ask your customers what they want; more feed backs from customers make you more insightful.

5. Webinars

It is actually an online seminar, which connect with the  audience and we can share details of our product. In addition to the presentation ,a Q&A session is also there where viewers can ask their doubts regarding the product.

The highlight of webinar is face to face interaction.Webinars are extremely cost effective comparing with other methods.This is considered as one of the brilliant ideas among other interactive content ideas.

interactive content -webinar

6. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

AR/VR fill the gap between experience and action. For example some theme parks offer audience an option to virtually ride its tallest roller coaster, which drives them to visit the nearest theme park. This can be achieved with the help of AR/VR. It seems to be little expensive.However audience will never forget the experience and hence these methods are most recommended than others.



  • Generally attention span of audience seems to be shorter.By providing some visual treat or entertaining them using the ideas mentioned above we can grab their attention for longer time.
  • Through interactive content most of the organizations are aiming at creating brand awareness among potential customers. You can tell your tale in new ways with interactive content. It is scientifically proved that experiential learning helps individuals to learn better than traditional system.
  • When we offer some personalized things,people get more curious and most probably they will signup.So it is comparatively easy to gather contact information.


  • Interactive content is any piece of content which ensure audience participation.In short we should do something to engage the audience, so that audience stays in our website for more time.
  • Always try to find the right content which is relevant,entertaining,engaging.
  • If you are capable of exploring the possibilities of interactive content in the right way, definitely it  is going to make an impact in your business.Without any doubt we can say that it is going to be an integral part of SEO Marketing

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