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What is a keyword in SEO (SEO for Beginners) ?

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What is Keyword in SEO ?


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Keyword in SEO : Millions of users search online for multiple purposes and search engines provide them the ideal results. It is so simple to search for products and services or other matters online and get most relevant information. You simply need to place your search query and avail plenty of results for it.


For good results, however, modified search using relevant keywords is essential.


For understanding deeper, let us focus on what are keywords and which are best keywords…


Keyword is also known as key phrase or search query used by online visitors to find best information about anything. These relevant search phrases used in search engine provides volumes of most appropriate information arranged according to their relevance. You can find the results for your keywords in the SERP pages or Search Engine Results Pages.

In the SERP page, you can find both paid results and organic results. Consider you are searching for digital marketing institute in Kochi.


keywords in seo

You can see the paid results at the top of  the page followed by local results beneath it.


There are primarily two types of keywords:



Long tail keywords are specific and provide most relevant search results. Let us understand both the types of keywords and their prime differences.


Long tail keywords



Short Keywords



Let us look at the examples of both long-tail keywords and short keywords:


Long tail keywords:


Example: 1BHK flat for sale in Kochi


keywords in seo


When you place the long-tail keywords for search, then your search is specific. The search engine understands that you are searching for 1 BHK flat and not any other category of homes. Thus it will crawl and index for flats adhering to a single bedroom, hall and kitchen; it will index the most ideal results in the SERP pages.


Moreover, while placing the location in the search query, they will limit their search in Kochi and not in other locations. If the location is not mentioned, then the search engine will have to plan its crawling worldwide data. With the chosen long tail keyword, you get the most appropriate local results too.


What if we were using short keywords? Let us consider 1BHK Flats.


Since you have not specified the location, the search will be extended across Kerala and across India as you can see in the screenshot mentioned below.


Short keywords are not able to provide specific information to Google bots. Thus the acquired results will not be much useful. Specified search offers most relevant results and users can whet their interests with the information.


Have a look at the results for short keywords and how the results are in the SERP.


seo keywords for beginners


In SEO, keywords are among the most important terms. Identifying the most popular keywords can bring in great benefits for online businesses. It will be easy to track the highest traffic to websites by identifying the most used keywords. Such keywords can be tracked with appropriate keyword research.


Using popular keywords in your website content will draw highest online traffic and even rank your website at the top of the SERP page.


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