Why Did Your Google Business Profile Get Suspended? Lessons Learned from My 10+ Years in SEO

Step into my blog post as we explore the common causes of Google Business Profile suspension. I’m Jijo Joseph, an experienced digital marketer from Kerala, India. With over 10 years of SEO expertise, I’ve overcome various challenges related to Google My Business suspensions since 2023.

In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of Google My Business or Google Business Profile suspensions, highlighting the key factors that often lead to this predicament. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to prevent suspensions and ensure the smooth operation of your business on Google.

Having experienced the detrimental effects of Google My Business suspensions, it is crucial to understand the causes and take proactive measures to mitigate the risk.

Join me as we uncover the secrets to maintaining a strong online presence on Google. Together, we’ll navigate the intricate guidelines and policies, empowering your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles where we’ll explore case studies, share expert tips, and provide actionable advice to overcome Google My Business suspensions. Let’s embark on this journey together and ensure your business remains resilient against potential suspension hurdles.

1.Multiple business listings for the same location or phone number

In order to avoid any confusion and boost the SEO performance, it is crucial for businesses to ensure that the information on their Google Business Profile is accurate and consistent. Having multiple listings can have a negative impact on SEO efforts and make managing reviews a challenging task. Google strictly prohibits the existence of multiple listings and takes measures to uphold the quality of its directory. By consolidating all efforts into one listing, businesses can save valuable time and resources. Duplicate listings can result in navigation errors, which can be frustrating for customers and harmful to a business’s reputation. It is essential to regularly review and update the profile, as well as report any duplicate listings, in order to maintain a strong online presence and enhance visibility and reputation among potential customers.

2.Address or phone number not associated with a physical storefront

 To comply with Google’s policies, businesses must have a physical storefront with a valid address and phone number. Listings without a physical location may be suspended or removed, impacting trust, local search rankings, and reputation. To address this issue, promptly correct or remove any inaccurate information, update business details, and verify legitimacy through Google’s process. By adhering to guidelines and providing accurate information, businesses can enhance their online presence and avoid penalties.

3.Inaccurate business information, such as wrong hours of operation or website URL

Inaccurate business information greatly impacts user experience, causing frustration and difficulties accessing services. Providing accurate details on Google Business Profile builds trust, while non-compliance may lead to penalties and negative reviews. Regularly reviewing and updating information, verifying details during setup, utilising the dashboard, and responding promptly to feedback are essential steps to rectify inaccuracies and enhance customer satisfaction.

4.Violation of Google’s review policies, such as fake reviews or review gating

Google strictly forbids the use of fake reviews and the practice of review gating. Violations of these policies may lead to the removal of reviews, suspension, or even the removal of the business listing itself. Fake reviews not only deceive customers but also create an inaccurate perception of the business. Review gating, on the other hand, manipulates the feedback process by selectively requesting positive reviews while suppressing any negative feedback. Such practices not only undermine trust but can also have severe consequences such as the deletion of all reviews or a significant decrease in local search ranking.

In order to address these violations, businesses should immediately cease review gating, report any instances of fake reviews, respond to reviews in a transparent manner, and actively encourage genuine feedback. By adhering to Google’s review policies, businesses can maintain their credibility, build trust with customers, and ensure a fair representation of their business on their Google Business Profile.

5.Listing a service area that is not actually served by the business

Google’s Guidelines for Service Areas:Businesses must adhere to accurate guidelines on Google Business Profile. Providing false information about service areas violates these guidelines, leading to potential customer dissatisfaction and erosion of trust.

Negative Impact on Local SEO:

Google’s local search algorithm considers accurate business information, including service areas. Misleading details harm local SEO efforts, affecting visibility in search results.

 Possible Penalties: Non-compliance with Google’s guidelines can result in penalties, such as suspension or  removal of the business listing, impacting online visibility and reputation.

Addressing Inaccurate Service Areas:Update service area information promptly, removing locations not served. 

Transparently communicate limitations to manage customer expectations. Regularly review and  adjust service  area information for ongoing accuracy.

Verify Business Information: For unverified businesses, undergo verification to confirm legitimacy and gain control over displayed information.

Maintaining accurate service area information on Google Business Profile enhances customer experience, online reputation, and compliance with guidelines, leading to a reliable representation in local search results.

6.Using a PO Box or virtual office address instead of a physical address

To maintain their credibility, businesses must comply with the requirement of Google Business Profile to have a physical address. Using a PO Box or virtual office address not only goes against Google’s guidelines but also undermines customer trust. Moreover, this can lead to complications during the verification process and negatively impact local SEO efforts. To effectively tackle this challenge, it is crucial to keep business information up to date, verify the business, maintain transparency with customers, and familiarise yourself with Google’s address policies. By prioritising transparency and accuracy, businesses can build trust, enhance their online reputation, and align themselves with Google’s guidelines.

7.Offering unauthorised services, such as online pharmacies or payday loans

To effectively address unauthorised services on Google Business Profile, businesses should promptly stop providing such services, remove any associated content, carefully review Google’s policies, and seek legal advice if necessary. By taking immediate action and following the recommended guidelines, businesses can effectively reduce potential consequences and maintain a positive online presence.

8.Providing false or misleading information about the business or its services

Spreading false or deceptive information on your Google Business Profile violates guidelines and can lead to the removal or suspension of your listing. Google prioritises user trust and transparency, so misleading information can damage your reputation. Inaccurate details can also harm your local SEO efforts and visibility in search results. To address the issue, rectify inaccurate information, regularly update your business details, verify your information, and respond transparently to customer feedback. By ensuring accurate information, you can establish trust, enhance your reputation, and avoid penalties.

9.Being associated with a business that has been suspended in the past

Being associated with a previously suspended business on Google Business Profile can impact the current business’s standing. Thoroughly reviewing and addressing past policy violations, verifying legitimacy, and maintaining transparent communication can help rebuild trust and maintain a positive online presence.

10.Failing to comply with Google’s guidelines for representing your business accurately and honestly

Failing to comply with Google’s guidelines for business representation on Google Business Profile can lead to the suspension or removal of the listing. Ensure accurate and up-to-date information, regularly review and update details, complete the verification process, and respond promptly to discrepancies. Complying with these guidelines fosters trust with customers and avoids potential issues.


Q; What is Google My Business or Google ?

A; Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps businesses manage their online presence on Google.

Q; Why is Google My Business important for my business?

A; Google My Business is important for your business because it helps potential customers find your business online, learn more about your products and services, and contact you directly.

Q; How do I know if my Google My Business listing has been suspended?

If your Google My Business listing has been suspended, you will receive a notification from Google via email and/or the Google My Business dashboard.

Q; Why is Google My Business important for my business?

A; Google My Business is important for your business because it helps potential customers find your business online, learn more about your products and services, and contact you directly.

Q; How do I know if my Google My Business listing has been suspended?

If your Google My Business listing has been suspended, you will receive a notification from Google via email and/or the Google My Business dashboard.

Most Common Suspension Reasons for Google Business Profile


  1. Check your business information for accuracy and consistency
  2. Ensure your business has a physical storefront or office location
  3. Avoid using PO boxes or virtual office addresses
  4. Do not offer unauthorized services
  5. Comply with Google’s review policies
  6. Represent your business accurately and honestly
  7. Check for duplicate listings
  8. Review and update your business information regularly
  9. Respond to customer reviews promptly and professionally
  10. Follow Google’s guidelines for representing your business online

As a digital marketer with years of experience, I have seen many businesses struggle with Google Business Profile suspension. The above-mentioned points have been a common issue that many businesses face, especially small and medium-scale companies and startups. In my journey, I have picked up various tips and tricks that I hope will help you manage your online presence better. Remember to represent your business accurately and honestly, comply with Google’s guidelines, and update your information regularly.

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