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Jijo Joseph is an top-rated SEO specialist based in India, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional SEO services to businesses across various economic sectors so he is Known as SEO Expert India.His experience and expertise translates into results-driven SEO strategies customized parallel to the digital marketing goals of every client. He is an expert in social media marketing and content marketing, providing a well-rounded approach to digital marketing.With his proficiency and commitment to bring in high-quality services, Jijo is the best choice for any business looking for their SEO Services in India and digital marketing needs.



seo expert india

 These mentioned SEO services are provided in major cities across India like Chennai, Bengaluru, Mangalaru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi.Jijo Joseph, a highly skilled and experienced digital marketing expert, co-founded ClearMyCourse and AJ learning Space in Kochi, Kerala. This established institute is a base for him to share his knowledge with every generation. He conducts regular training sessions for anyone interested in SEO and other digital marketing aspects, and so far, he has successfully trained over 12,000 students.

Moreover, Jijo Joseph is also an SEO YouTube blogger who provides free and relevant information on SEO. He firmly believes that everyone should have access to accurate and current knowledge on online marketing trends and techniques. His ultimate goal with his videos is to educate and share the most up-to-date information about the ever-changing world of digital marketing.  

Unlock the full potential of your business with the help of the best SEO expert in India. Jijo Joseph is a reliable and accomplished professional who can help your business achieve its online marketing goals, boost its online visibility, attract more traffic, and connect with your target market.  With his years of experience as a freelancing SEO expert in India, has enabled him to join hands with clients from IT, tourism, Wellness and Education industries.With his vast experience, Jijo has worked with numerous global brands from various industries, providing exceptional services that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

His aim is to achieve performance-driven outcomes that exceed his clients’ expectations, and he employs inventive and pragmatic approaches in his domain. Jijo has managed over 200 global SEO projects, making him a go-to expert for businesses that seek to establish their online presence and reach their target audience.

As one of the best SEO experts in India, Jijo is well-versed in the latest SEO techniques, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and off-page optimization. He uses industry-leading SEO tools to conduct research and analysis, identify improvement opportunities, and implement effective strategies to boost website visibility and traffic.

In the pursuit of a successful SEO strategy for you, Jijo will focus on these points in research and analysis:

  • study your industry competitors, their principal places of business, their SEO strategy, and the closest competition
  • The results of this first step will yield the grounds for keyword research – involving defining and pursuing the user’s intent. Studying the manner of their searching will indicate the nuances of their intent. A portrait of the prospective buyer is built up around these conclusions and the most suitably applicable keywords are identified
  • user intent couched in keywords is a crucial element of the SEO strategy development. If a search yields non-specific results yet relevant to the landing page, each result can exponentially increase the search traffic back to your landing page. So, keywords can incorporate these variations for the most efficient results.
  • Reporting, analytics and keyword tweaking – periodic assessments on the performance of the website are best implemented with accurate reporting on its functioning and results. This is extremely necessary to make those fine-tuned adjustments to achieve peak performance through the changing industry parameters.


By and large, only a few firms call for keyword strategy recalibration. But an industry in a more dynamic environment will require frequent periodic keyword tweaking to consistently conform to the rubrics of assessing market demand, and anticipate buyer trends.

Analytics will correlate keywords and landing pages to indicate the primary drivers of your SEO strategy.

  • Mobile SEO – The mobile-first index is Google’s de-facto standard for search, with a focus on mobile websites in its mobile-first index.
  • Core WebVitals from Google – this is a new set of speed metrics to assist web developers to streamline and accelerate the working of your site.
  • Crawling – the process by which search engine algorithms discover your site in the net.
  • Indexing – this is the method of organizing the information collected from the crawling process of websites. This is a crucial part of the search process because if your website content does not register in the index you will stand no chance for a ranking in the search results.
  • Technical SEO – this is the consistent upgrading of the technical working of the site. Site speed, Coding, JavaScript, Schema markup, Schema JSON-LD and Canonicalization, – these are the aspects of technical SEO that keep your website up and running seamlessly.
  • Content and Link Building – these are two factors that can also boost your search result rankings. Content that accrues credibility as the user reads along can contribute to your authority as a source. This is highly vaunted by search engine crawling entities. Link building can establish mutual respect between you and other sites of repute resulting in volume traffic by way of backlinks.

Digital Marketing and SEO Services by the Best SEO Expert in India

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) being the primary service Jijo offers, let us delve into its meaning and relevance in Digital Marketing.Basically it is the re-configuring of a website site to present itself as the most desirable result of a user’s on-line search for a product or service that your company is involved with.

The mechanism used for the digital search is software called a ‘search engine’. They are oriented to execute a search when people look for products or services on-line that are related to your business. Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go are examples of such search engines.

The ability of your website to appear among the most desirable results of a search is referred to as it’s “visibility” on-line. The greater the visibility of your page, the higher the chances of attracting user traffic to your site and expanding your business prospects.

As a matter of routine, the typical user of a search engine will look for information regarding any facet of life. Searching for the best recipe, tomorrow’s weather forecast, best shopping outlets, all lead to the opening of the browser on your phone. It is found that more than 50% of such online traffic results from ‘organic’ searching. Top SEO Experts in India are tapping into this motherlode of revenue generation channels.

Fundamentally, the raison d’être of SEO is that all websites pursue the same purpose – to be discovered!

The search ranking of a website potentiates traffic direction, lead generation and conversion boosting. This explains why SEO is the overarching thrust of any online marketing strategy.

There are two main types of search engine optimization.

  • Off-page


includes all page ranking factors beyond your direct control of the website. ‘Backlinks’ (or ‘inbound’ links) are links on other web pages that revert traffic back to your website. High volumes of backlinks from credible sites, can significantly escalate your own search rankings as the credibility and authority of those pages are placed on par with your webpage and thus transferred to you.

There are other aspects of off page optimization that aren’t so direct.

  • On page


To manipulate or optimize elements that jack up the page ranking of your website. These elements can include the content on your product and service pages, blog posts, landing pages, microsites, meta-descriptions, image optimization accessibility, and overall website performance.


Jijo also offers the following services to develop your digital marketing strategy. They rank among the Best SEO Services in India:

  • Paid Search Marketing – you are required to pay a fee for this online marketing model. Also called PPC or pay-per-click, you can get the best value for money in the design of your ads.
  • Social Media Marketing – make your presence on Social Media a statement of the effectiveness of your brand. Social Media Links and Interaction can contribute in a major way to hike up your website’s search rankings.
  • Website Design and Development – create a website to impact both the user experience and the search engine rankings.
  • Content Creation and Marketing – create content on your website that makes every search engine grade it as authoritative. Attract, engage and retain a user base that finds relevance and credibility in the site’s articles, blogs, podcasts and videos among other media.
  • Digital Marketing Training – take advantage of the institute to learn the inner workings of digital marketing and become an expert yourself! Join the courses offered.

Am I flaunting myself as the Best SEO Specialist in India?

Hi, I’m Jijo Joseph, and no, I do not flaunt myself as the Best SEO Specialist in India.

However, I can make legitimate claims to the high quality of the services I render and offer national and international level testimonials that let you judge my capabilities. I have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and a very impressing clientele by anybody’s standards. I maintain on-going service contracts with leading global brands and provide strategies and solutions to evolving trends in the Digital Marketing domain.

seo expert india