How do Search Engines Work ? An Insight Into Search Engines [ Malayalam ]

How do Search Engines Work ? [ Malayalam Version ]

Do you have any idea about how search engines work ?  There is almost no one who don’t search online. We browse almost everyday and in fact every time.  So, all are familiar with the web now.


The functions of search engine are most interesting. While planning a normal search online, we would not have really thought on the underlying process within the search. But do not be oblivious anymore… the working of search engines are not a secret anymore…


So, how does google search engines work?

how search engines work

Let us understand in brief the working of search engines…


There are many top search engines that can be used for searching online. You can type your search queries and it will be answered by the top search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The Google bots, Bing bots or Yahoo bots provide answers.


What is the underlying process?


What are the functions of search engines and how do they work?


The prime functions of the search engine are crawling, indexing and ranking.


Let us understand each one of them:


Search engines scour the content online, collect details for each URL. The bots of the search engines go to each website and draw information and take up data. They get into websites across the world, scan content and the bots get the information. They are involved 24/7 in collecting data. This includes content – text, image, video collection etc.


The next activity planned ahead is indexing. What is indexing?

The bots store and organize content found in crawling process and index the page. The indexed data is stored in the database and served to the searches. The bots store info in a huge database of all content discovered.


Final phase is ranking. In ranking, pieces of content relevant to search query is provided. This involves ordering of search results. According to search algorithm, information is provided to search engines.


All these processes are completed by Google bot which is the web crawler used by Google. It is used to find and retrieve web pages.

You can easily find if your website is crawled by search engines. This is made possible by:


how search engines work


 site: URL

Then press enter

Find the results and understand what Google has crawled and indexed. Results are before you.



Now, you need not lack your understanding on search engine functioning. The informative video can keep you updated and furnished with the best understanding. The video is the simplest tutorial on how search engine works.

The language used is both simple English and simple Malayalam. Surely, you can plan an enriching learning experience and be informed on search engine working. The secrets behind the working of search engines in brought to light through the video tutorial.


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