Jijo Joseph extends Social Media Marketing Services in Kochi. Among the varied services in this division of his Digital Marketing Agency, designing social media ads for clients is a skill that he is now well acclaimed for.

Jijo harnesses the inherent impetus of popular social media channels to establish your marketing and branding milestones. His strategy is deployed on a five truss scaffold:

  • Online Profile Optimization
  • Sowing Digital Channels with high-yield media elements – posting graphics and narratives
  • Interaction with browsing traffic – engaging them with likes, shares or following customers, followers and influencers
  • Advertising – Paid ads on media channels to isolate and focus on targeted audience
  • Sustained Monitoring – website and platform analytics yield on-going performance reports to quickly assess which strategies are working best.

Clients are able to expand the ambit of their marketing campaign and specifically target browsing traffic which are searching for products or services allied to their business. Even casual browsers are enticed by the catchy taglines and alluring graphics.


Jijo offers the following Social Media Marketing services:

  • Social media management software: Social media management platforms like HootSuite and Sprout Social use proprietary technology to organize the work of high volume marketers and dovetail their separate avenues of marketing channels and reap the benefits of complex analytics


  • Specific social media marketing service: A division devoted entirely and solely to Social media marketing will be place at your service.


  • The Gamut of Digital Marketing Channels: Other aspects of social media marketing including website design & development , SEO, paid search marketing, email, content creation and marketing, can be integrated into the wider strategy


  • Composite Services: Frequently, a blend of the above services is called for. Social advertising techniques are applied to permit you to manage your strategy while you focus on social alone or as a component of a wider plan. A suite of marketing automation, channel campaign management, CRM, and insight tools combined with expert-led services help you make the most of your budget and also devise ingenious plans for growth.

Importance of Social Media Marketing Services

The advent of the recent pandemic has wrought such tremendous social changes that professionals have had to repurpose old stratagems and habits to accommodate the emerging trends. 2022 will probably cement these changes as the norm.

Significant shifts include:

  • The Zoom App as the new conference room
  • Webinars are more the norm than in-person business conferences in office spaces
  • Social media has become the seat of knowledge of non-academic, (some academic too) learning
  • Online Indices offer better chances for new career opportunities, and
  • Social Media Channels are the goto solution to grow your business brand.

This simply emphasizes the gravity of the fact that social media engagement has acquired much more significance as a business tool than just the social entertainment value it was known for.

Social Media Marketing Service professionals have reoriented their strategies to this new reality.

Here are salient reasons why social media is important for your business:

  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Generates leads
  • Sustains and fosters Leads
  • Implements social Leads
  • Connect Social posts to Opportunities
  • Provides Analytics to constantly review performance
  • Imprinting Brand Authority
  • Swelling your audience
  • Builds a Community
  • Generates Unique content at scale

And here are statistics to establish that engaging a Social Media Marketing Expert in Kochi is vital to your business in Kerala:

  • 89% of marketers say social media is “Very important”, with 30 percent saying it’s “Somewhat important” to their overall marketing strategy, according to Buffer.



  • 82% of B2B marketersreport using LinkedIn as a means of networking and making professional connections. They also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.


  • In 2017, 80% of social media B2B leads came from LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)


  • 53% of the world’s population is now active on social media. (We Are Social)


  • 13 new users are starting to use social media for the first time every second (Hootsuite)


  • 70% of adults said they trusted recommendations online from friends and family, but only 15% said they would trust a companies’ official social media posts (PostBeyond)


  • 91% of B2B buyers actively use social media (IDC)


  • 79% of job applicants use social media to search for employment openings. However, 86% of applicants use social media for their job search in the first 10 years of their career (Glassdoor)


  • 93% of Twitter members say they’re open to letting brands join a conversation, especially when they provide help (Twitter).


  • 90% of Instagram members follow a business or official brand account (Instagram).
  • LinkedInsays it has almost 800 million members across 200 countries. North America makes up around 25% of that population.


The Most Popular Platforms to Channel your Ads Through:

  • Facebook Marketing

“Facebook Ads have impacted our business in a great way!” – Sean Slice author of Brooklyn Slate

Facebook can be used to find new people with like-minded ideas, through your best contacts.

You can target your contacts to reach people who already have a liking for your posts and comments. You can focus on specific interests to build an audience. You can even re-establish contact people after they have left your site.

  • Instagram Marketing


“I really like how easy it is to select your target audience. If you want your audience to be similar to your email subscribers, you can just match that list so it’s as cost-effective as possible.”

– Christi Lee, marketing manager of The Harvard Shop

Instagram too reaches new people with similar interests. Your fans who like you anyway, will be predisposed to your ads. You can contact them anytime.

  • Pinterest Marketing


Marketing in the business sphere today is about generating an immediacy to things that  are happening and sharing the real-time currency of business.  The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words doesn’t lose any relevance in modern times. Visual content is still a powerful implement to relay information and generate consumer engagement.

Pinterest, is primarily a visual platform, and presents immense opportunity to launch brand awareness for businesses. The informal ambience within the app environment helps to build trust and loyalty with consumers

Pinterest can establish a conduit to access many new clients globally by visually projecting your own products and your persona as a leader in your field. No matter which industry or niche market you command, your authority will be stamped on their minds.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

The above mentioned marketing channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat are adapted for our personal digital profiles. Consequently, it is critical to implement a strategy that stays in step with the modern business professional. This gives LinkedIn an edge over the other platforms: it enables you to connect with hard-to-reach business-oriented audiences with targeted messaging.

LinkedIn enables you to target by:

  1. Skill set.
  2. Company size & name.
  3. Job title.
  4. Job function.


  • YouTube Marketing


YouTube being the second largest search engine reflects the reality that your audience would rather have audiovisual solutions to their problems than a laborious, wordy article. Apparently, the mode of content consumption has shifted, and YouTube dominates the video content world. 

Mobile phone companies are keenly conscious that YouTube is inevitable for you. They exploit this fact to make you feel like they know you and care. 

The free version of YouTube is peppered with ads to the chagrin of the user. But this is a windfall for the brands.

YouTube ads are endless. Yet nobody tends to pay to stop them after paying for three to four OTT platforms. This is just tremendously opportune for the brands because this gives the brands two strong formats (paid and unpaid) for boosting sales through video marketing.

Why you need Jijo Joseph as your Social Media Marketing Consultant:

Jijo Joseph, as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, ticks all the boxes as a high quality Digital Marketer.

  • Specialized Experts in their Subject Matter:


The most significant way to reap the benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is to make certain they have an expert team. The better agencies like Jijo’s employ specialized experts in developing, programming, website designing, SEO, paid campaigns, copywriting, Google Analytics, etc.


  • Flexibility :


Jijo’s organization is flexible and adaptive to keep pace with constantly upgrading technology. They anticipate and quickly conform to changing trends. The skill of tweaking the methods and practices of their strategy to conform to the shifting rubrics of the game, distinguishes them as quality marketing strategists.


  • Creativity


 Creativity is the hallmark of a quality marketing agency. It is reflected in the inspired copywriting and the breath-taking graphic design. Jijo’s people draw on creative and original thoughts and concepts to project your brand with a unique identity. They keep abreast of trending design elements and SEO stratagems to make your brand declare a very emphatic statement. Your digital presence will be arresting and your unique content so impressive as to increase conversions in volume.


  • Effective Communication

Transparency is the lynchpin around which the wheel of business partnerships revolves successfully. Jijo is in constant touch with his clients’ in-house marketing division team. His digital marketing manager assumes a personal liaison agent role with the client. He coordinates between the two teams to streamline the operation between agency and client. He presents regular reports of the analytics of your business, so you can freely judge and decide upon his continued performance.

These are the main high points of Jijo’s Digital Marketing Strategies. His portfolio and clientele clearly establish his credentials as a very reliable and efficient Digital Marketing Agent.