Now a days we use the word chatbots in many occasions either Consciously or unconsciously. But,

What do you mean by Chatbots?

Chatbot is a software program that is used by the service provider, to gather information from the client and to keep in touch with them. Response is received in the form of text or voice. It is performed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and it is a part of AI.

Did you know?

Chatbots are widely used in the field of Digital Marketing. Many service providers use chatbots on their website to gather information about customers.

Many customers like to communicate with the live chat bot as they respond 24/7, respond promptly, remember the entire shopping history accurately, and never lose patience. By meeting the needs of customers, chatbots provides exceptional customer service, which means you can concentrate on more important jobs.

Companies like “The Wall Street Journal”, “Pizza Hut” and  “Fandango” use chatbots as their marketing tool for increasing sales by customer contact.

Study shows that in 2020 the use of chatbots has increased as compared to 2019. And this trend will continue in 2021 also.


Reasons Why Live Chat Bot Helps Marketing

Today’s consumers are constantly empowered by new technology, information services that are readily available and a wide variety of options. As a result, there has been a greater demand for speed, customization and brand relationships.

The main reasons are as follows;

A) Quick reactions that minimise irritation (often immediate)

Response time is the main benefit of live chat apps over conventional client support tools such as phone and email.In this way aichat reduces the irritations of the customers

B) Enhanced Web Visitor’s Behaviour Insights

As compared to emails or making calls, chatbots is the qualitatively best option. It covers the disadvantage of long incoming email queues which badly affect the immediate response from the operators.

C) Chatbots Helps to Improve Customer Service and Royalty

Chatbot, now a days, plays an important role in making relation with customer. This  is done by using voice or text messeges through the chatbot medium provided in the websites of service provider. In this way talkbot helps to improve customer service and royalty.  

D) Chatbots as Human Beings

With the use of Natural Language Processing (NPL), chatbot can intelligently understand the behaviour of the queries.

In these ways chatbots will be the major trend in the field of Digital Marketing in 2021 and so on…

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