Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2021

What will 2021 bring for the digital marketing industry?

Everyone knows that 2020 has been an absolutely insane year and when it comes to online advertising, both good and bad happened but there is no doubt that it was much favourable scenario for the digital marketing field.

As you all know digital marketing services is nothing but marketing through digital mediums like the Internet, search engine, social media, blogs, video channels, websites, and applications.

There is no doubt that digital marketing services will surely become an unavoidable factor for every business in the near future and digital marketing is one of the best and lucrative career choices.

So you must definitely know about the latest digital marketing trends. As per the stats, nearly about 60% of the world’s population use the Internet and the percentage will surely rise in the coming years.

The digital world comes alive through SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing and will ever-evolve right?

Make no mistake: We can’t rely only on the used up techniques which we used to rank our own website or of the client’s website.

In order to imply new strategies, you must aware of the latest digital marketing trends. This article will give you an answer.

Explore this 8 simple and seamless trends which will make your digital marketing world fruitful.


1.Voice search

2.Interactive Content


4.Video marketing

5.Artificial Intelligence

6.Sustainability: loud and proud

7.Influencer Marketing.

8. Messaging Applications


#1 Digital Marketing Trend: VOICE SEARCH OPTIMIZATION


What Actually is Voice Search & Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search uses voice recognition technology that allows people to search by speaking to a device that can be a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa. Voice Search Optimization is actually the process of optimizing our website for voice search. It is very crucial for our business and an interesting fact is that more people nowadays search by voice.

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  #2 Digital Marketing Trend :  INTERACTIVE CONTENT ; EMERGING TREND IN 2021


Interactive content is going to rule the market in 2021. Before moving to it, let us go through some basics.

How can you ensure that the content of your website is worth?

3 factors help to determine it

  • Clicks
  • Swipes
  • Things which get more interaction online

What to do if the content on your website is not worth enough to grab the attention of the audience or seems to be boring for them? The answer is simple you should make your content interactive. Interactive content is content in which audience actively participates instead of watching, listening or reading passively.

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Now a days we use the word chatbots in many occasions either Consciously or unconsciously. But,

What do you mean by Chatbots?

Chatbot is a software program that is used by the service provider, to gather information from the client and to keep in touch with them. Response is received in the form of text or voice. It is performed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and it is a part of AI.

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Video Marketing is the backbone of the digital marketers!


Video marketing refers to the use of video on digital platforms to sell or advertise the brand or offering.

The concept is to keep members of the audience engaging with the brand in a way that is simple and easy to absorb.

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 Artificial Intelligence, what is it? 

AI is the area of computer science that seeks to understand the essence of intelligence and to build a new intelligent machine that, just as humans do, thinks, responds and performs tasks based on the data that is fed into it.”


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal new insights into data has increased the pandemic of the coronavirus. This trend is set to continue for much of 2021 as organizations aspire to use AI.

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2021 Digital Marketing Trend #6 : The Eco-Friendly Consumers

Environmental sustainability and Eco-friendly consumers are the new normal in market.


Corporates need to be aware of this emerging trend and should act accordingly so as to sustain in the market.

In this digital world ,Digital marketers,inturn, have a huge role to play in promoting and capturing the eco-friendly consumer’s market.

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It is a strategy that business use to promote their products and services by partnering with popular social media influencers.

Influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a huge niche following who can help spread the word about your business or product through their social chnels.

One of the best things about influencer-generated content is that it doesn’t look too promotional. Which can help you attract your target audience and win their trust.

  • 63% of consumers trust influencers’ opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves.
  • 58% of people have bought a new product in the past six months because of an influencer’s recommendation.

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You guys are familiar with the word SOCIAL MESSAGING APPLICATIONS, Right?

Do you Know What exactly it is?

In simple words it’s a tool that make instant message possible, some notable messaging app are:

WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

 Is it The Latest Social Media Face?

Yeah, yes..,

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Conclusion: The evolving marketing strategies are hard to keep up with, but here we have listed our top 8 digital marketing trends forecast 2021, which are underway in the digital marketing environment.

so just explore the new trends in digital marketing and keep your main focus on current clients by updating yourself frequently with the latest trends in web marketing 2021.

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