Video Marketing is the digital marketers’ backbone!

Video marketing refers to the use of video to promote or advertise a brand or offering on digital platforms.

The concept is to keep the audience members involved with the brand in a way that is easy and easy to absorb.

Why Is Video Marketing Gaining Importance?

  • 93% of organizations believe it improves the understanding of their product or service among consumers.
  • And 72% of organizations claim that their website conversion rate has increased.

Developing A Video Marketing Strategy

By adding video, video marketing strategy is not just about marketing the offering.

It needs careful selection, creation, and placement of videos as separate assets or inside existing marketing campaigns to get the most out of it.

quick, one-line statement that addresses the following questions should be your mission:
  • What kind of video content do you intend on producing? 
    •  If you lean towards learning, entertainment, or combination, the experience and customer desires of your brand should decide your approach here.
  • For whom are you producing this content? 
    • In as much specificity as you can, outline your target population. Without determining the buyer personas you

       want to cater to and their pain points, you can’t produce great videos.
  • What is your viewer meant to take away from your videos?
    • Think about the value your content can bring and what tasks or objectives it will help your audience achieve.

Types Of Video Content

  • Interviews: The interview involves asking the innovator questions about a specific subject and uploading his video online.
  • Product Demo: It shows the features and advantages of goods.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials are videos of the company’s pleased and/or renowned clients sharing their gratitude and positive company experience. This helps to increase the confidence of prospective buyers.
  • Vlog: Vlogs or video blogs are the video versions of common blogs. A business utilizes videos via vlogs to execute its marketing strategies.
  • Reviews: These are the product or service reviews shared by influencers and opinion leaders, resulting in the viewers’ decisions being changed.
  • Live Videos: Live videos are brand-related or offering-related videos that are streamed live either to show something meaningful or directly communicate with customers.
  • How To Do Video Marketing

    There’s a lot that goes into video marketing. You need to plan what you have to do, who you have to produce for, how to make it, and how to hit the audience if it is done.

    Determine Your Goals: Before something really starts, this is a necessary step. Define what you want to accomplish using videos. When it comes to goals, you need to be explicit as different goals are supported and achieve distinct outcomes with distinct video marketing strategies. To increase sales, you might need to create a demo or explainer video which you can publish on your landing page. However, you may need to create a clever commercial or a social media strategy with dedicated hashtags and a series of videos for viral marketing.

    Plan Your Video(S)

    After the target is set, you need to schedule your next video(s). Identify and explain your–

    • Target audience: The target audience is the individuals for whom the video is made. They may either be your current clients, prospective clients, or other persons who affect your clients’ or prospective clients’ choices. It is important to know your target market as it helps you create the video message.
    • Video Message: What’s the video going to be about? For the internal audience, the video message makes it clear what the brand needs to convey or demonstrate to the target audience.
    • Video platform: Different video platforms have different value proposals. You can either choose a single platform or a combination of other platforms to host and share your videos.
    • Budget: Budget is an important factor guiding other decisions related to video development and marketing.
    • Script: The script becomes the basis of the video and is a major reason for the success or failure of the video marketing strategy.
    • Video Type: Defining the type of video is vital as it decides how to develop, post, and market the video. Live videos usually involve shooting and posting at the same time, while explaining videos can use animations along with other shots and can take a lot of edits. Deciding on the video type earlier makes it easy to identify creative requirements, timelines, and other video requirements.
    • Creative Requirements: They depend on video type. It may include costumes, permissions for location, digital assets, etc.
    • Plan of action: It says what needs to be done at what time. It simplifies strategy and execution.
    • Other requirements: Other video-specific requirements that need to be planned.

    Develop Your Video(S)

    This stage involves shooting a video, adding fx, background score, voice-over, and everything you need to convert a written script to moving frames.

    Market Your Video(S)

    Even though videos are considered to be a great asset when it comes to marketing, you also need to market them.

    If you upload it to YouTube or to your website, focus on SEO. If you choose Instagram or Twitter as your preferred platform, use the appropriate hashtags. You can even share it on other social media platforms like Reddit or Tumblr, or run the same ad that can help you get more traction to achieve your goals.

    Examples Of Video Marketing

    Landing Page

    Vimeo is tall when we talk about videos on the landing page. The platform has cleverly integrated videos to give a Vimeo player demo and why it’s a good choice for B2B companies.

    Explainer Video

    If you often use WhatsApp on your desktop browser, you might have noticed an explanation video on their page that explains how to scan QR code with your phone and use WhatsApp on your desktop.

    Social Media Campaign

    A few years back, they’ve always won their #LikeAGirl campaign over the internet. They chose a controversial topic and developed a video with a strong message that capitalized on viral marketing.


    Hubspot runs a vlog called the Hubspot Academy where it teaches the intricacy of inbound marketing. It’s a great content marketing strategy that makes use of video marketing to increase brand exposure.

    Live Video

    Facebook went live with its F8 conference, where Mark Zuckerberg unveiled many of Facebook’s new features and plans. The video was further enhanced as an ad, resulting in over a million viewers.

As you can see, the increasing value of videos cannot be undermined in marketing and video marketing as a whole.

Make sure that you do it better than your rivals if you’re using videos in the game, and if you’re new to the game, make sure you practice and study before you shoot. These are the ways video marketing can grow your business and boost your website. You can also read other trends at top digital marketing trends in 2021 which helps you to get more engagement into your website.


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