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Voice Seach Optimization & Voice Search

what actually is voice search and its optimization?

Voice Search Optimization is actually the process of optimizing our website for voice search. The fact is that more people nowadays search by voice. It is very crucial for our business. Voice search uses voice recognition technology that allows people to search by speaking to a device that can be a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa. Voice searches can be done in smartphones, computers and home assistant devices.

In order to make voice assistant work, we use a wake phrase like “OK Google” so that the google starts analysing what the person says.

In a second the assistant takes you to a search engine page that helps you to meet the queries looked for. Let’s discuss more about voice search optimization and its tips.

Do You Think Voice Search is Trending?

The answer is yes, it is.

Google voice search queries have gone up increasingly very high over the years, so it is essential to understand these developments and include them in your digital marketing strategy.

Search queries like shopping, email, calendar management and many others are being supported as well with voice search.

The average result of a voice search query loads 52% faster than the other regular search.

Common search keywords are short and concise but for voice search queries it’s different. An average voice search query result is 29 words long which will be longer than a normal search.

If your page is ranking in the top of results for a query for regular search there is a 75% chance it can also rank for the same query done by voice search.

voice search optimization

Out of the 5.6 billion searches performed on Google every day (reported by SEOTribunal.com), one by third is voice searches. Voice search intents are of four categories

  • 30% searches for general information
  • 27% as a personal assistant
  • 22% for local information
  • 21% for entertainment.


Voice Search Optimization Tips

Voice search optimization help to improve user experience by being more convenient and faster.

It also provides more precise results. This means if your website content is voice-search optimized effectively, your business could be ranked top and will be the first one a digital personal assistant device suggests.

Our business needs to adapt to the changing digital landscape.


  • One of the key ways to optimize search is using natural language.

When the users of voice search are having a conversation with their personal assistant device, the content should fit the context.

Knowing more about the conventional languages of different people living in a different country are very important.


  • The long-tail keywords are the key to voice search users who are typically asking for something more specific than they would be in a text search.

For example “restaurants in Kerala” in a normal search may change to “which are the best restaurants in Kerala?”. Thus a small keyword may change to a long one.


  • Acquiring a featured snippet in google is also the best way to get ranked. If more specific is the answers to a question query the more will be the chance to appear in a selected snippet, that will give an additional exposure for the brand name.


  • Informative and relevant content can also improve the ranking of our website and improve our monthly searches.


  • User intention is what we have to focus more on a voice search strategy.

Focussing on action queries is needed because voice searches will be more specific and mostly needs an action to be performed.


  • Ensure our website is more user-friendly, fast and secured.


Make Your SEO Strategy Ready for Voice Search

voice assistant

Voice search has the ability to learn the search habits of the user and it can totally understand a customer by the activities he or she conducts on a daily basis.

Make the content more unique and more relevant to add the factor of ranking.

SEO often face problems with the new updated algorithm because adapting with the new updates is the key factor to keep optimized.

For a voice search in SEO, pages that answer questions is a factor. People often ask questions or FAQs in a voice search.

Working on SEO the practice of using “What”, “When”, “Where” and “Which” should be given importance.

Using keywords wisely is the best component to a successful SEO strategy. Artificial Intelligence and voice-enabled Chatbots will create greater insights into customer queries. Thus voice search is a trend that is not going to slow down anytime soon.

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