What is local SEO ?

What is Local Seo ?It is simply, If you have a local outlet, such as a grocery store, tea shop or mechanical store etc. where people frequently visit to make sure that your service and customers can easily find out you in your website. However 46% of google search is about local intent.What is  Local search engine optimization, It is an incredibly efficient way to market your local business online. This is  achieved through a variety of methods, some of which are very different from those used in standard SEO.

What is Local Seo and Local SERP

Local SERP (Search Engine Result Page) has a local pack or 3-pack. This is the block of three business listings that appear below the map in the result shown after google searching with local intent. Google does not take this information directly from your website or from any other website.Everything shown in the local pack is  additionally from the Google My Business  (GMB) profile. GMB helps you as a business owner, to update your business name, location, hours, menu, and more.This is what is local SEO. The three core elements on which Local Search & GMB works.In other words it helps to know more about what is local Search engine optimization, Proximity – It indicates how close your business is. Relevance – It indicates how important your business is to search for a query. Prominence – It indicates what others are saying about your product and service. What is Local Seo and its benefits,
  • Most importantly these are both efficient and cost-effective.
  • many of the local Seo opportunities are free of charge.
  • 91% of consumers aged 18-34 trust all online feedback and personal recommendations.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization makes your business stand out in local searches.
  •  Help  to drive more traffic through online lead.
In conclusion , back to our topic, what is Local Seo, there are a range of factors  helps  address your local audience through search rankings..Moreover It’s not just optimizing your address or plan for social media.
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